By using only the highest possible quality ingredients in all out e-liquid products we provide our clients peace of mind that every e-liquid range purchased from us undergoes stringent manufacture and quality assessments. With a commitment to exceeding industry regulations, guidance and best practices, every e-liquid will be subject to the same rigorous testing procedures, whether it be Standard 10ml 60/40, 70/30, Nicotine Salts or Shortfills, we adhere to equal standards of production for the protection of our clients and their customers allowing the reputation of our and your products to be maintained at the highest possible level of esteem.
Our Steps to Quality Production:
ELW Ltd possesses a large purpose built facility and exceptionally highly trained and motivated staff who are passionate about bringing high quality e-liquids to our UK and international customers.

We Only Use the Highest Quality Ingredients
High quality ingredients are very important to us, We use the same high quality ingredients for all our products, this guarantees are clients are only presented with a premium product. The exceptional qualities of our ingredients ensure we remain at the top end of the industry, which gives us and our clients a clear advantage over the competition.

All our Products are Tested for Uniformity in Quality, Flavour and Consistency.
Testing is a vital part of the Tobacco Products Directive(TPD) compliance which came into force in May 2107, to ensure complete transparency all our testing is outsourced to Adact Medical, one of the leading experts in TPD compliance for the vaping industry. All our liquids, including Shortfills are subject to the same high standards of testing that are required for TPD compliance, we work with professional flavour partners to produce consistent, stable and premium flavours in our e-liquid ranges.
We ensure that each of our Product Ranges is checked for CLP Compliance
Classification, Labelling and Packaging(CLP) regulations control the labelling of products to ensure maximum health protection, any updated requirements are automatically added to our system to ensure our clients products are fully compliant with current CLP requirements.

It is important that all products manufactured by us include full traceability, All our liquids carry a batch code and best before date which is recorded on our system. The pupose is to ensure full traceability of all components used in its manufacture, as we take pride in the standard of our products, full traceability is an important part of our checks and maintenance.
We hold MSDS and Technical Specifications for all the liquids we manufacture, which are available to all clients upon request.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 9001 is a quality standard which ensures companies adhere to best practices and standards though-out their operation, we have been ISO 9001 certified for the last 5 years, all our liquids are prepared and bottled in an ISO Class 7 clean room, this ensures we only adhere to the highest possible standards of production and clients can be confident that the products you purchase from us are only of the highest possible standard. 

The UK's Leading E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier

We are one of the UK's leading e-liquid wholesalers and we offer own brand labelling too so for full details about our e-liquid products and services then please get in touch.


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