How to Pick the Right Vape Mod

How to Pick the Right Vape Mod

When you start to vape, there are a few basics you learn.  How to fill the tank, how to adjust the wattage or airflow, where to buy quality wholesale e-liquids, what flavours you like.  These will all ensure you can start to use one of the electronic cigarettes you have chosen.  But what about the other others, the vape mods that are available?  How do you know which is the right one for you?

What is a vape mod?

A mod or modification came about when cape enthusiasts started to build their own electronic cigarettes and add features that they found useful.  Manufacturers were quick to notice the trend and start to add them for their own products.  The result is that there is now a huge range of vape mods available that offer different features

On the plus side:

  • They look good Ė people will add them for the look even if they arenít worried about the features because who doesnít love to be stylish!
  • They add more power and vapour than standard models and can be used with low resistance atomisers
  • They offer greater control over the whole vaping experience
  • They often have bigger battery capacities which means you can go longer between charges, depending on what features you are using

However, if you arenít worried about extra power, advanced features or a bigger e-cigarette, then you may not be interested in vape mods.  And thatís okay.  But if you are, letís delve a little deeper.

Features and benefits

Many e-cigarettes come with a range of benefits already installed such as variable wattage and pass through charging.  So when you start looks at mods, it is a good idea to know what your device is already capable of Ė no point in buying something if it doesnít add a benefit.

Variable wattage

Most mods let you adjust the wattage going into the atomiser and be classed as variable wattage or VW.  Power range settings are one of the simplest types of mods with the wider the range available the better for most cases.  For most people, this kind of mod is ideal if you have found that lower wattage devices arenít satisfying you.

Temperature control

Temperature control (TC) lets you set a specific temperature to vape at rather than adjusting the wattage.  This helps to avoid dry puffs and helps maximise the flavour from the e-liquids.  Temperatures can vary and you will need nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils to use them.

Output mode

Output mode extends the normal settings beyond wattage, temperature and occasionally bypass mode.  It allows setting such as soft to give a gentle start and hard to boost the power at the beginning.  It is similar to a ramp up mode.

Vape mods for all

These are just three examples of the kinds of vape mods available for many types of electronic cigarette.  Once you move past being a basic user and want to have more control of the experience, then the right mod is often just what you need.

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