How Do E-cigarettes And E-liquids Work?

How Do E-cigarettes And E-liquids Work?

Increasing numbers of people are choosing e-liquids as a replacement for cigarette smoking, and in many cases they are using e-liquids to try and give up for good. E-liquids and the now ubiquitous e-cigarette do not burn tobacco and the only by-product is water vapour. This means they do not contain the same harmful ingredients as traditional cigarettes which has an added bonus for inhaling your “smoke” nearby. But how do e-liquids work?

The normal e-cigarette is a clever device consisting of just a few main parts. There is an –eliquid cartridge which contains the substance which is vapourised and inhaled. The vapourising action is caused by an electronically powered heating element. That is pretty much it!

Firstly the e-liquid cartridge which you may have purchased online from an e-liquid wholesaler of normal retailer. The liquid contains the nicotine and normally some kind of harmless flavouring. There is a pretty-much limitless supply of possible flavours available and new ones are coming onto the market all the time. We have a many ourselves and it is a lot of fun trying out new ones with each new purchase of e-liquid cartridges. The e-liquid cartridge is open at both ends – one end connecting to the atomiser and the other end is placed in the mouth.

Secondly to the heating element. This is called the vapouriser and it does exactly what is says on the tin – it turns your e-liquid into a vapour you can inhale. It does not evaporate the liquid but atomises it, turning the e-liquid into microscopic droplets which are easily breathed in. The atomiser is the clever part of the e-cigarette and it is the one part which is semi-permanent in the device.

Finally the atomiser of course needs something to power it and that energy comes from a batter. This is typically housed in the base of the e-cigarette and allows the e-cigarette to work. There are different e-cigarettes which manage their power supply differently – some have a manual switch or button which you activate when you want to inhale the e-liquid. Others have automatic switches which turn the vapouriser on when you physically take a breath from the device.

There are many started kits available from both online e-liquid wholesalers like us and normal retailers. Although they are becoming increasingly common in shops, the growth in e-cigarettes and e-liquids has primarily come from the internet. Buying on-line of course means you can’t really see the physical product before buying, but hopefully our short guide to how e-cigarettes work will give you more confidence to buy online knowing what you should be getting through the post in order for the decice to work.

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