Can You Take E-Liquids on a Plane?

Can You Take E-Liquids on a Plane?

Now is coming around to the time when many people are either looking to book their summer holidays or are just looking forward to them coming around.  When you are an electronic cigarette user, there are many common questions about taking your e-cigarette and e-liquid products on holiday with you.  Letís start with looking at taking vaping products on a plane.

Can you take e-cigarettes on a plane?

Currently, thereís no set rule about taking e-cigarettes on a plane.  The majority of airlines will allow it, but each hastheir own specific policy.  For example, with EasyJet, you can take one e-cigarette and up to two spare batteries on board.  Some may let you take them in your carry-on luggage while others may not.  So it is best to check with your airline before you travel to get the definitive answer.

With e-liquids, you can usually take small bottles on the plane as they fall under the 100ml liquid limit.  So if you normally buy wholesale, opt for the smaller bottle sizes for your holiday supplies.  You will need to put the e-liquid in a clear plastic bag along with any other liquids that you take.  If you do want to take a larger bottle, put it in your hold luggage.  And again, check with your airline for exact rules.

Clearomisers are prone to leaking when there is a change of pressure so if you use this kind of device and plan to fly with it, make sure you clean it before you depart.

Destination matters

While airlines will have their own rules about what you can and cannot take on the plane, where you are flying to also plays a part.  For example, the FAA in the US prohibits the following in checked baggage:

  • Battery powered e-cigarettes
  • Vaporisers
  • Vape pens
  • Atomisers
  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems

They state that you can carry in the cabin in carry-on baggage or on your person.  All devices then have to be removed from carry-on bags when you reach your destination if checked at the gate or planeside.

The main reason for this is a number of cases of battery operated devices (not necessarily vaping related) that have exploded or overheated in the planeís hold.  So they now require them to be in the pressurised cabin to avoid this problem.

Can you vape on the plane?

Sadly, the answer is largely no.  There are a few examples where airlines have offered their own version of e-cigarettes for passengers to use during the flight but there are currently no airlines that will allow you to use your own device while flying.

And donít be tempted to sneak into the toilet and have a quick vape.  Some airlines have been pretty severe in their reaction to this kind of thing.  One example was Qatar Airways were people were arrested and sent to jail for using an e-cigarette on the plane.  Again, destination plays a big part in the rules and if you are going to a country where local regulations ban e-cigarettes, then the airlines will take a harsher view to you carrying these products.

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