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Is The Vape Trend Here To Stay?

It's undeniable that throughout the last decade, e-cigarettes experienced a huge boom, sweeping through pubs and offices across the nation as the latest trend. ...

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Is Teen Vaping Really a Problem in the UK?

One of the most common reasons people give to over-regulate the vape industry is the rise of teen vaping. This is usually followed by a picture of someone too young to use electronic cigarettes and the spectre of a generation of young people who turn to vaping rather than traditional smoking. So is there really a teen vaping p ...

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Nicotine-free E-Liquids Found to Contain Nicotine, Australian Researchers Show

As more people than ever use electronic cigarettes as ways to stop smoking, more companies than ever are offering e-liquid products for sale or wholesale. But a problem from Australia shows that it is also important to buy from reputable, reliable sources both as consumers and as stockists as nicotine-free e-liquids were found ...

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Medical Experts Say E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Banned in Public Places

The Science and Technology Committee has recommended that e-cigarettes should not be included in the smoking ban in public places as it risks people not using the option to quit smoking. The new report says that using electronic cigarettes is a safer option than tobacco smoking and the measures should be adapted to allow people ...

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The State of Vaping – The Latest Figures

As an e-liquid wholesale company, we are always interested to know what the latest trends and news from the industry is. Electronic cigarettes are now available around the world and more people than ever turn to vaping to stop smoking than ever. But what are the other big stories for the vape industry? ...

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How Has Vaping Changed the Smoking Culture?

Smoking culture and the view of people smoking has long been an issue of consideration both by scholars and by health professionals. Worries about the health effects of tobacco smoking have been prominent for a number of years but the smoking culture has only seen some change. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes and vapi ...

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Would Licensing Electronic Cigarettes Help Reassure Doctors?

For the electronic cigarette industry, there is little doubt that using vape products and e-liquid cigarettes are a great way to help people stop tobacco smoking. But there are still some doctors who are a little uncertain about the benefits. Now the chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) has said that licensing ...

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Rolling Stone’s View on E-Liquids

Rolling Stone is one of the most recognisable brands in the magazine world and has been a part of life in America and around the world since it was launched in 1967. With its focus on popular culture, the magazine has never been shy to have a standpoint on the major issues that affect our daily lives. In its latest article, the ...

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Study Suggests E-cigarettes Can Help Smokers Quit

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult thing to do for a lot of people and they are willing to try anything that might help. Now a new study has shown that switching to E-cigarettes may help with the quitting process. ...

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Research Sheds New Light on E-liquids

There’s no doubting that the introduction of e-cigarettes and vaping has been a controversial one and will doubtless continue to be so for some people. Now a new study has shown that indoor vaping is ‘unlikely’ to be as big a risk as was originally thought. ...

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