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How Long Does It Take To Register An E-Liquid Product For Sale?

There is no doubt that the UK e-liquid and vaping market is doing well right now. ...

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What Is A TPD Compliant E-Liquid?

If you are selling or marketing an e-liquid, it makes sense to ensure that they are TPD compliant - both from a sales and marketing perspective.
In this blog, we are going to explain what TPD regulations are and what they do, and we’ll also highlight some of the key e-liquid regulations in the UK. Read on for more...

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E-Liquid Expert Calls for Regulations of Short Fills

A legal loophole could be allowing unscrupulous e-liquid sellers to create short fill e-liquids that are poor quality and could affect user’s safety, according to an industry expert. Mark Fawcett from GoSmokeFree has warned that this legal loophole that impacts short fills could see people buying poor quality and even potential ...

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What’s the Law on Vaping in Public in the UK?

As a wholesale supplier of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, one of the most common questions we receive regards to the law on vaping in public in the UK. E-cig smokers are always concerned about where they can vape and where they can’t and what the difference in rules is to tobacco smoking. Here’s a look at the current situ ...

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A Guide to New E-Liquid Legislation (May 2016)

The growth of e-liquids and e-cigarettes has continued to be a strong one and recent figures say that over 2.5 million adults in the UK use these products. But as with anything that becomes wide spread, new regulations and rules will always be brought in. Here we look at the newest legislation regarding e-liquids, brought into f ...

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Welsh Assembly Rejects Ban on Public Smoking of E-liquids

Following an extensive campaign by the e-cigarette industry, the Welsh Assembly have voted to reject the public ban on the smoking of e-liquids in public. The measure had been one of a number proposed by the Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakelord in a white paper published earlier this year that included a restriction on the use o ...

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