6 Tips to Make Sure Your Vape Tank Doesnít Leak

6 Tips to Make Sure Your Vape Tank Doesnít Leak

Thereís nothing worse Ė you just got your wholesale e-liquid order through, picked your next vape juice to try and popped it in the tank.  You put your e-cigarette in your bag or pocket and a little while later thereís this smell, just like the smell of the e-liquid you just picked.  Whatís happened?  Your vape tank has leaked that new e-liquid all over your bag or pocket!  So what are the best tips to stop this happening?

1.      Fill up the tank correctly

Regardless of the type of electronic cigarettes you use, the key is always to make sure you fill the tank correctly to make sure it doesnít leak.  When you are filling the tank on an atomiser,for example, tilt it to one side like you were pouring a can of coke so the liquid runs down the inside of the container and keeps away from the central tube.  Donít overfill the tank and leave a little room at the top in any type of e-cigarette.

2.      Leave it standing where possible

It isnít always possible to have your electronic cigarette standing up but when you can this is the best way to ensure there are no leaks.  This is less an issue when the tank is full but when it is half or less filled, there is more chance that the liquid can seep through the coil and leak.  So always aim to stand it up when not in use.

3.      Make sure everything is screwed together

When you are screwing the different components of an electronic cigarette together, it is easy to cross thread and without realising it, leave gaps.  If this happens, the e-liquid can escape when you use or tilt the device.  So make sure when you screw everything together that all the components are as close as possible.

4.      But donít overtighten them

Tight is good, too tight is bad.  Thatís because there are O-rings in atomisers which are tiny rubber rings that are in the section where two parts of the device meet.  If you overtighten them, this will shred the rubber and spoil the seal Ė which can lead to leaking.

5.      Use the right coils

When it comes to replacing coils, it is always best to get the ones that match the device you have.  Donít be tempted with an okay match because thereís a good chance that the seal wonít work perfectly, and the tank will leak.  And make sure that you have the right coils for the e-liquid you are using because different densities work with different coils.

6.      Replace O-rings periodically

Finally, replace your O-ring periodically because they do degrade with time and use.  Because they are the key part of the seal that keeps the e-liquid in the tank, when they start to deteriorate or have holes in them, chances of leaks are increased.  So make sure you replace the O-rings before they deteriorate too much, and this will reduce the chance that your tank starts to leak due to the rubber shredding.

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